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Awesomatix » Prototypes or historic excursus

Prototypes or historic excursus

First prototype.

Shaft drive, transverse motor position and our revolutionary suspension/damping system. This car has been successfully tested and even won all races it participated.

The impressions from Ivan Laptev (International Team Driver, Multiple winners of Russian Championships, Russians Cups, Club competitions).

“I was testing Awesomatix prototype which was made by Russian Engineer Oleg Babich. First feelings were very strange as it was a very unusual constructed model and I haven’t seen everything similar from my more than 10th year driving in RC sphere. But it was intriguing not less than surprising. We had two models at those moments. There are two different transmission types and two completely different ideologies. First model was the belt one like usual constructed nowadays chassis in the World. The second and the most unusual was the model with drive shaft transmission and it was intriguing very much, as the motor position was like on the belt constructed car. Of course all two models were equipped by unique damping system with super low laying shock absorbers. We decided to test prototypes in Finnish competition (Rebellion Race, Mäntsälä) which is plenty of high level drivers. We were competed in pro stock class which is slightly slower than modified class. The new chassis have surpassed all expectations. Amazing balance from the beginning to the end, high speed corner running, incredible exiting from the corner which can’t be explained by simple words, it is necessary to feel. No one car before had given me such terrific feelings. One of the most important differences is that you may touch the dots in every corner and don’t afraid to lose your car and over flip to the roof. The steering system gave amazing control under car in fast chicane and everywhere actually. So, collect all these features like super low center of gravity, the smoothest damping system, amazing balance, the steering system with clearly working every ware and the hugest amounts of adjusting and you will understand what kind of high quality and innovative product you can get from present days. It opens completely another understanding of driving style. With this car you may be unbeatable and assured of your forces.
I proved it as I won that competition easily and my opponent Vitaly Karpov took second place on the second prototype (with belt transmission). My best lap was also very close to modified class and it was slower only 0,23 second than Teemu Leino mod's one – this is the closest gap between modified and pro-stock class. The drive shaft proved their superiority under belt transmission as was faster on the straight, had incredible on-power exiting from the corners and shocked me with amazing chassis balance which feels like something usual for this car. “

Joky picture sent by our friends after the race.

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Some types of 90° angle drives have been tested.
This is very exotic sample of 90° constant-velocity universal joint.
It was difficult for manufacture and has not shown advantages against bevel gears unit.

The first version of prime high-speed bevel gears unit.
High efficiency, low noise and low abrasive wear has been shown.
The motor was one-position fixed and pinion/spur backlash was controled by means of the mobile pinion/prime bevel unit carriage

Layout design allowed to place 4-2, 4-1, 3-2, 5-1 saddle packs and normal 5 or 6-cell batteries also.
Servo installation was possible on any side of car.

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