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LRP TCM 2012 setup from Freddy Südhoff.

A-main setup of Freddy.
freddytcm.pdf [774.23 Kb] (Count: 623)

4 April 2012 | Views: 4479 | Details...

New Option Parts Released

New products have been added to our optional parts line up!

UB1 - Universals bearings set for the drive shafts

These tiny bearings replace the bushings and provide an even smoother action to the transmission.

New Option Parts Released

The bearings installed on the universal.

New Option Parts Released

UB1 - Store Product Link

BC1- Battery Clamp Set

Finally no more tape! Tape is the preferred choice by most pro racers as it holds the battery securely without affecting the tweak of the chassis. To achieve the same result without the use of tape, AWESOMATIX designed an all new clamp system. The main difference compared to other systems is that there is no top part connecting the two posts, thus affecting the flex behavior of the chassis. In addition to that the design allows for very quick and safe changes to the battery packs.

New Option Parts Released

New Option Parts Released

BC1 - Store Product Link

More pictures and video in JD&Racing Blog

P20 - Front Universal Rings

These Delrin Universal rings simply slide over the front universal cages, ensuring that in a heavy crash the universal cage (ST17) does not spread open.

New Option Parts Released

P20 - Store Product Link

23 March 2012 | Views: 5704 | Details...

Long Upper Arms bonus

Due to numerous questions, we report that a LA1 Long Upper Arm Set, ST11 Bushings R and ST12 Bushings S are included in the standard kit package already as a bonus for our customers.

2 October 2011 | Views: 4222 | Details...

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