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Good news and setup from Korea.

Congratulations for our factory team driver Jung Hyun Ahn !
Ahn won the R-1 GP International Championship (Korea).
Good news and setup from Korea.
Setup: r1-ahn.pdf [1.25 Mb] (Count: 1023)

29 May 2013 | Views: 5322 | Details...

New setup from Manuel Henriet.

Congratulations to Manuel Henriet for 2-nd place at the Belgium FBA electric touring car championship!

Manuel: The car was really good in the 2 last finals. It was not easy with this tires on carpet because we need a lot of rear grip with it.
It's for this reason that i use allways long camber link (to have a more stable car) and a longer wheelbase (+2.5).
I use also AM06S to have more traction. The car was also better with an harder suspension (more stable).

a700exl_mrcccb.pdf [1.41 Mb] (Count: 1549)

10 May 2013 | Views: 5600 | Details...

The latest setup from Dominic Vogl.

Dominic has used this setup to take the podium at the latest Austrian 2013 National round.
Congratulations to Dominic!
asphalt-setup-dominic-final.pdf [1.24 Mb] (Count: 1147)

9 May 2013 | Views: 4892 | Details...

New setup from Richard King.

Congratulations to Richard for his excellent results at the opening round of the BRCA 2013 National series!
Richard took an ftd time in round 3 of the 5 round qualifying and a 3rd and 7th fastest times in rounds 1 & 2 which enable a 5th place grid slot in the Pro-stock A final.
After the the 3 A finals had finished Richard had secured a great 4th position overall score!
a700l_richard-king-3.5.13.pdf [1.28 Mb] (Count: 702)

9 May 2013 | Views: 5343 | Details...

Setups from LRP TCM 2013.

Congratulations to Freddy Südhoff , Viljami Kutvonen and Dionys Stadler with great result at LRP Touring Car Masters 2013!
tcm2013freddy.pdf [1.25 Mb] (Count: 541)
a700exl_viljami_tcm13-modified.pdf [1.25 Mb] (Count: 457)
tcm-2013-althengstett-dionys.pdf [1.25 Mb] (Count: 366)

1 May 2013 | Views: 5034 | Details...

Demon GP 2013 setup from Richard King.

Congratulations to Richard King for winning the Demon GP 2013.
This is the first major event win for the A700L in the UK.
richard-king-demon-gp-aldershot-31-march-2013.pdf [1.25 Mb] (Count: 601)

7 April 2013 | Views: 5540 | Details...

ROAR Carpet Regionals 17.5T setup from Mike Gee.

Mike Gee won 2013 ROAR Region 2 Carpet Regionals 17.5 sedan class with this setup of his A700 car.
Congratulations to Mike!
a700-mike-gee-region-2-race.pdf [1.36 Mb] (Count: 836)

18 February 2013 | Views: 5072 | Details...

ROAR Carpet Regionals 17.5T setup from Mark Dawson.

Mark Dawson won 2013 ROAR Carpet Regionals 17.5 sedan class with this setup.
Congratulations to Mark!
Mark thinks we found a good setup to manage high-extreme traction scenarios.
a700exl-lowrc-mdawsonv1.1.pdf [1.36 Mb] (Count: 783)

11 February 2013 | Views: 5526 | Details...

ETS 2013 Rd2 Pro-Stock setup from Viljami Kutvonen.

Pro-Stock A-main ( 2nd place) setup from Viljami:
ets_round2_hrotovice_viljamistock.pdf [1.25 Mb] (Count: 911)

27 January 2013 | Views: 5235 | Details...

ETS 2013 Rd2 setups from Dionys Stadler and Dominic Vogl.

With this setup Dionys was the fastest driver of all final runs:
dionys-ets-18-20.01.2013.pdf [1.25 Mb] (Count: 655)

Pro-Stock A-main setup from Dominic ( fastest lap of event):
dominic20ets20round202.pdf [1.24 Mb] (Count: 557)

25 January 2013 | Views: 5762 | Details...

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