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LRP TCM 2012 setup from Freddy Südhoff.

4 April 2012
A-main setup of Freddy.
freddytcm.pdf [774.23 Kb] (Count: 623)

New asphalt setup from Steen Graversen.

7 March 2012
Steen have used this setup during latest ETS Gran Canaria round.
steen-graversen-gran-canaria-ets.pdf [755.39 Kb] (Count: 780)

Setup from John Doucakis.

2 March 2012
John says : "It is fantastic for low traction, bumpy, high speed tracks with both long sweepers and tight infield with hairpins."
John got TQ, lap record and overall win in the warm up race to the upcom
ing 1st Greece National race.
john-doucakis-rcgt-national-warm-up.pdf [749.08 Kb] (Count: 636)

Setup from Viljami Kutvonen.

2 March 2012
Viljami Kutvonen won the 2nd round of the Finnish TC national series with this setup.
Congratulations to Viljami!
a700_viljami_oulu.pdf [748.12 Kb] (Count: 482)

New setup from Freddy Südhoff

30 January 2012
Freddy won German National WarmUp Race with this setup.
freddydmwarmup.pdf [756.08 Kb] (Count: 779)

DHI CUP A-main setup from Patrick Hornum

29 January 2012
Congratulations for Patrick Hornum ( Denmark) with A-main at DHI CUP 2012!
patrick-hornum-dhi-2012.pdf [760.84 Kb] (Count: 476)

New setup from Kirill Trofimov

4 January 2012
Setup for high traction conditions (Tikkurilla, Finland).
a700_trofimov_tikkirilla_18.12.11_.pdf [934.54 Kb] (Count: 490)

New setup from Tom Maquel.

28 December 2011
Congratulations for Tom Maquel with 2nd place on the big international GP3F event in France!
a700-gp3f-tommaquel.pdf [758.83 Kb] (Count: 542)

New editable A700 setup sheet

29 November 2011
New editable A700 Setup Sheet is available now.
NEW! Added calculation of suspension stiffness, changed marking of screws for frame flex setting - dot instead cross. You can save your setups without additional software.
a700-editable-setup-with-suspension-stiffness.pdf [695.45 Kb] (Count: 684)

A700 setup from Kirill Trofimov

29 November 2011
Setup from Tikkurila Carpet Challenge 2011:
a700_trofimov_modif_tikkurila2011_rnd1.pdf [894.58 Kb] (Count: 382)

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