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ETS 2013 Rd2 setup from Viljami Kutvonen.

23 January 2013
Modified A-main setup from Viljami:
ets_round2_hrotovice_viljamimod.pdf [1.25 Mb] (Count: 423)

ETS 2013 Rd1 setup from Dominic Vogl.

20 November 2012
Pro Stock A-main (2nd place) setup from Dominic:
ets-round-1-dominic-vogl.pdf [1.26 Mb] (Count: 873)

Interesting setup for A700L from Gabriele Vignolini ( Italy)

17 November 2012
Almost symmetric front-to-rear settings are in this setup for Sweep 32 tires.

Gabriele won the Italian Indoor Nationals in Stock 13.5 (Rc-Landia - Scandiano) with it.
Our congratulations to Gabriele!
setupa700l_gabriele-20121111.pdf [274.66 Kb] (Count: 713)

Victorious setup from Manuel Henriet ( Belgium).

15 November 2012
Manuel won RD2 of Modelifun Indoor Challenge 2012-2013 ( Belgium) in superstock 10.5T class.
henriet-manuel-namur-rd2.pdf [1.25 Mb] (Count: 515)

Our congartulations to Manu!

Congratulations to Jake Danilchik ( USA)!!!

14 November 2012
Jake took TQ and won the 4th Annual Time Zone II Grand Prix (Stock touring division) with this setup.
a700l-jake-d-2012-time-zone-ii-winning-setup.pdf [1.25 Mb] (Count: 421)

New setup from Viljami Kutvonen.

13 November 2012
The good example of using AM26 and AM06S parts at high grip conditions.
The combination of AM26+AM06S provides the increased camber gain.
a700exl_viljami_tikkurila3.pdf [1.25 Mb] (Count: 548)

ETS 2013 Rd1 setup from Freddy Südhoff.

16 October 2012
A-main setup from Freddy:
freddy-ets-2012-13-round-1-corr.pdf [1.26 Mb] (Count: 470)

Congratulations to Hugo Ragaut!

2 May 2012
2nd round of French championship 2012
Track: Rumilly
Surface: asphalt
Track condition: dry and sunny(22C)
Category: open modified
Qualify: 2nd
Finish: 2nd
Setup of Hugo's A700 car :
french-nats-rnd-2.pdf [756.14 Kb] (Count: 768)

ETS 2012 Poland setup from Freddy Südhoff.

17 April 2012
Setup for Ride tires and high traction, bumpy carpet track.
Congratulations to Freddy with 2/4 qualif / final position!
freddyetspoland.pdf [912.53 Kb] (Count: 767)

LRP TCM 2012 setup from Steen Graversen.

10 April 2012
A-main setup of Steen ( 5th place as a result ).
steen-graversen-lrp-marsters.pdf [757.5 Kb] (Count: 594)

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