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We are very happy to present our first 1/10th electric touring car.

We have gone against the trend in current touring car design by utilising many unique features, including some patented innovations, all designed to improve the handling characteristics, instead of adopting properties from the current crop of competition.

The two outstanding features of our product are:

•A new patented suspension dampening system - Smooth, lightweight with a low centre of gravity.
Resulting from having the dampeners mounted low on the chassis without the need for shock towers.
The dampening system is fully adjustable without the need for disassembly.
Rates of the compression and rebound dampening differs in our shock absorbers controllably.

•A drive train that combines the benefits of shaft and belt drive systems, without the negative side effects such as so-called ‘torque steer’, associated with shaft drive RC cars.
Harmful weight transfer typical for longitudinal motor RC cars at acceleration and turning is minimized.

These two properties have allowed us to incorporate many other innovations that are not obvious upon initial inspection.

Our initial testing and competition results have shown that we have created a fresh take on touring car design, that is capable of winning races at the highest level.

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